Rudolf Hummel works on the picture sequencing of his images with the workshop group. Photo © Eddie Ephraums




Develop your image selection, sequencing and image presentation skills through working on a location photo project - and learn how to apply these skills for magazine or book publication, exhibition, portfolio or online presentation.

Location: Open Studio Workshop Centre, Scotland
Dates: Mar 4-10, 2019
Cost: £1660
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We all want to take great pictures, but just how good are we at judging which individual images are best or which ones work as a set? What are the differences in approach we need to take if we are preparing material for an exhibition, a book, portfolio or panel, and what do we need to learn to become skilled at showing our work to its very best? All of these aspects constitute 'picture editing’ in the traditional sense (image selection and sequencing).

Picture editing and image presentation are whole other creative skill-sets to photography, requiring practice, plenty of experience and artistry, which is why we have invited Elizabeth Roberts to co-lead this practice-led, project-based workshop.

As Elizabeth Roberts says, "Throughout my eighteen years as editor of Black+White Photography I have become increasingly convinced that picture editing is one of the main keys to photography. It can transform a good photographer into an excellent one. But why is it that we find this aspect of our practice so difficult? It is partly, I think, because we don’t take it seriously enough – we don’t regard it at an essential part of the process – and so we don’t spend time developing the skills required.

There are many strands to consider when picture editing – audience, media, scale and context – all of which will affect the process and the outcome. Every picture has a role to play. A set of pictures that has visual balance and cohesion, has a life and a voice of its own. It needs nothing else. I find picture editing one of the most interesting and creative aspects of my job – and one of the most exciting too.”

If you have previously attended one of Elizabeth’s writing workshops, you will know what a great workshop leader she is and just how good she is at getting the best out of everyone with her inspirational, insightful and fun approach. This workshop is the chance for you to discover how best to present your work, and how to carry that knowledge forward after the workshop ends.

About the project: you will shoot a body of work on location over the first couple of days, to create an A6 boxed set of approximately twenty ‘work’ prints. These prints will provide the basis for editing and sequencing for different outcomes, and for discussions about your project, presentation options and your photography in general.

The workshop will include several editing exercises, that involve working with your box of prints: i) to curate a set of images for an exhibition, ii) sequence a set of images for a small book, iii) organise a portfolio. To help you focus your ideas, you will also work on creating a title for your body of images and write a short 150+/- word project statement.