Jim Buchanan, our local expert for this workshop, will lead us on a fascinating exploration of the area, to reveal a host of natural and man-made features. Photo © Jim Buchanan




The landscape can reveal many secrets – if we know how to read it. Discover the story of this dramatic coastal region of Wester Ross, as seen through its archaeology, history, geology and geography.

Location: Inverewe House, Inverewe Gardens, Scotland
Dates: Sept 16-22, 2019
Cost: £1690
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The landscape can reveal many secrets and much history, if only we know how to read it. In the NW Highlands, the beautiful wide-open landscape tells us not only of the receding glaciers from the last ice-age, but also of human habitation going back 4,000 years and sites of known and unknown ceremonial and ritual significance over the ages.

During this week we will be guided by a local expert in reading the landscape of the Highlands. Jim Buchanan, an archaeologist, local historian, walker and rock climber, has mapped the paths of all local glaciers, participated in surveying over 500 round houses, and used aerial images from his drone to illustrate his recent exhibition ‘Exposing Hidden Secrets in the Landscape’.

As we visit and photograph the local landscapes of Wester Ross, Jim will explain how we can read more from the landscapes we are photographing; landscapes that include evidence of human impact from 2,000 BC, through the medieval Clan period, pre-industrial revolution townships, up to 19th century crofting and 20th century wartime. Weather permitting, he will also make use of his drone to help improve our understanding of the landscape.

The printed outcome of all our workshops is integral to their success. For this workshop, you will each work on an A5 foldout, concertina notebook, into which you can put prints, handwritten notes and ephemera, to create a personal record of the week. These notebooks are always popular, with some participants opting for an artistic approach, others for something more documentary, or perhaps an interesting mix of the two.