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Finding the story, developing your voice

How do we travel and how do we respond to the encounters along the way? 

When we look back, do our photographs communicate the intensity of our experiences or are they are poor reflections of those encounters, perhaps abandoned to a hard-drive or forgotten album? 

In this reflective and multi-layered workshop, we share our experiences of travel photograph (journeys) and explore our responses to the world through the images we capture. Identifying the subjects that move each one of us, we consider what gets in the way of translating our observations into a compelling, vibrant and sometimes amusing narrative. We look at the opportunities presented by keeping a travel journal; how it might challenge us to think more deeply about the place we are in, and how on return this might help us curate our imagery in a way that engages others.

During the course of the week, we will use the scenery and social history of the Highlands to explore your ideas and tell a story.  You will be encouraged to define a subject that excites your curiosity, to hold that idea and pursue it photographically, printing out a series of postcard size images that reflect your observations.  

How could we facilitate this? Themes could include the Arctic convoys/crofting communities/incomers/social history around Loch Maree/landscape/trees/geology/abandonment of the land/washed up debris. Are there local people who might be prepared to share knowledge?