Reveal the passage of time in the NW Highlands through a fold-out book of your photographs


Location: Open Studio Workshop Centre. Scotland

Dates: Oct 30-Nov 5, 2017

Cost: £1580

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The geological evolution of Wester Ross covers over 3 billion years; from the creation of the micro-continents, the formation of North-West Scotland by the collision of several of these micro-continents (creating the oldest part of Britain), to the more recent shaping by the Ice Ages. Within today's wonderful scenery is plenty of evidence of each stage of this development, all within a short drive of the workshop centre, and each presenting unique opportunities for wonderful landscape photographs.


Each day we will visit at least one location which both presents evidence of this history and photographic opportunities, from close-ups of details within the landscape to wider vistas. We will be guided by Paul Tattersall, an expert local geologist as well as an internationally renowned mountaineer. Paul will not only take us to unique locations, but will also inspire us with his beautiful explanations of the geological evidence from that location. Back at the workshop centre we will work with you to review your images, edit, layout and print your fold out book, revealing through your photographs the passage of geological time of this magical region.


This workshop does not require high levels of fitness as each location only requires  a short walk.