Being totally present and aware is paramount to the creation of images that truly capture your sense of place. Learn how to develop your unique ability to see and how to create pictures that reflect your personal vision.


Location: Open Studio Workshop Centre, Scotland

Dates: Mar 20-26, 2019

Cost: £1660

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In today’s society we are more virtually connected than ever but perhaps we have lost the real connection with the world we live in and with our ability to be present in the moment 'in it's entirety'.


For photographers and artists to be totally present and aware is paramount to the creation of images that really capture our sense of place and the relationship we have with it. As Ansel Adams said "A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.”


This mindful workshop is co-lead by Paul Sanders, who is well-known for his exquisite landscape photography. As well as being an ambassador for Fuji, Lee Filters and Fotospeed, Paul also practices and promotes a mindulf approach to photography. As he says:


"A mindful approach to photography will help improve your ability to see and it will develop your ability to shoot just for you, without the need to conform to what is 'expected' or require the validation of social media ‘Likes” and shares. Yes it’s nice when others compliment our work but it should not drive, not be our sole reason for taking pictures."


The workshop will provide a mix of time spent out on location photographing and carrying out mindful-related practices, with time spent in the studio learning about and discussing a mindful approach to photography, for example exploring obstacles to seeing and learning how to develop an unconstricted sense of awareness. And, of course, Paul will share how he practices photography in a mindful way – to good effect, as his photographs show.